Veterinary Syringe Pump SP50

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Veterinary Syringe Pump SP50

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Veterinary Syringe Pump SP50

The Veterinary Syringe Pump SP50, from the original manufacturer MedRena BioTech, offers a complete and reliable syringe pump with amazing user-friendliness and interesting full features.
High quality for extremely high Price-Performance ratio!

  • Light weight, syringe pumps is 1.7KG, infusion pump is 1.4KG.
  • 4.3” touch screen, IP34 waterproof:
  • Inter-lockable design could save space: Interlockable Design:
  • The system offers 8 different languages
  • The infusion direction is customizable to meet the needs of different customers. From right to left or from left to right is available.
  • Drug library is editable- Our pumps allow users to edit and add new drugs themselves with password protection.


For more details, please open this link:
SP50 Vet Syringe Pump Short Summary

or go to the tab “Specifications & Manuals”!

Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 30,5 × 13,0 × 10,8 cm

Specifications & Manuals

The short Specification Technical Sheet:
SP50 Vet Syringe Pump technical sheet

The Brochure can be found here:
SP50 VET Brochure

The User Manual of the SP50 Syringe Pump can be found here:
UniFusion SP50 Vet Syringe pump user manual

Warranty is 2 years for the main unit and 1 year for the accessories. The certificate CE can be found here:
CE certificate for Veterinary pumps


1. “Guaranteed Uptime” Contract
This product can be offered with a “guaranteed uptime” contract. With this contract the customer is guaranteed to remain in full operation.
Equip4Vets will keep the same or a similar (same functionality) in our store, available as replacement in the event that the original product refuses proper operation.
Please request the T&C and our attractive pricing schedule.

2. “Lease” Contract
This product can also be “leased” for 3 years. After the 3 years there will be a transfer of ownership from Equip4Vets to the customer.
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