Veterinary Infusion Pump HY-800A

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Veterinary Infusion Pump HY-800A

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The Veterinary Infusion Pump HY-800A, offers a reliable, full feature Infusion Pump of the original manufacturer Beacon Medical.
Please see the tab “Specifications & Manuals” for the details!

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 16,7 × 12,5 × 11,5 cm

Specifications & Manuals

The short Specification:
– Model: HY-800A Infusion Pump

– IV Sets
Standard IV sets of 20d/ml and 60d/ml, with diameter 3.4-4.5mm.
Jierui, Hanaco, Hongda are already stored in the device, no calibration needed before using these brands. When using other brand of IV sets, you
must calibrate first; otherwise, infusion accuracy goes down.

– Infusion Modes: Volumetric
– Infusion Accuracy: ≤±5% (after calibration)

– Flow Rate Range
0.1ml/hr-1200ml/hr (20d/ml IV set)
0.1ml/hr-150ml/hr (60d/ml IV set)
– Volume Limit (VTBI): 1-9999 ml
– Total Infused Volume: 0.1-9999 ml

– Time/Volume Mode:
Time: : 1minute-99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
VTBI: 1-9999 ml

– Drug/weight Mode
Unit: : μg/h, mg/h, μg/kg/min, mg/kg/min, μg/kg/h, g/kg/h and mg/kg/h
Drug Amount: 0.01 μg-100g
Solution Volume: 1-1000ml
Body Weight: 1-250kg
Dose: Depend on weight, drug , volume and dose unit

– Purge Rate
600ml/hr (20d/ml IV set)
150ml/hr (60d/ml IV set)
– BOLUS Accuracy ≤±5% (after calibration)

Default 300ml/h ,Values adjustable within 10-1200ml/hr (20d/ml IV set)
Default 150ml/h ,Values adjustable within 10-150ml/hr (60d/ml IV set)

– KVO: 0.1-10ml/hr (after infusion)
– Bubble Detection:
Ultrasonic with 3-level sensitivities setting, working frequency: 2MHz±5%
Effective bubble detection volume:≥0.025ml

– Occlusion Alarm 3-level sensitivities setting

– Audio & Visual Alarm
Door open, AIR In Line, Occlusion, No operation, Power OFF, Low Battery,
Battery Err, Battery Lost, AC Lost, Sensor Err, Motor Err, Circuit Err. COM.
Err, Overflowing! etc.

– Power rating: 25VA, 100V-240V,50Hz/60Hz
– Display 3.2 in TFT (240X320)
– Fuse T500mAL,250V

– Battery
Ni-MH ,DC12V,2000mAh
Recharging Time: 16hrs(last 4 hours at 25ml/hr after fully recharged)

– Operation Temperature: +5oC – +40oC

– Condition:
Relative Humidity ≤80%
Atmospheric Pressure 70KPa – 106Kpa

– Storage and Transportation Condition:
Temperature: -22oC – +55oC
Relative Humidity 10%-90%
Atmospheric Pressure 70kPa – 106kPa
(Avoid sunshine and glare directly , places where blew directly by fan ,air conditioner, electric stove, warmer and humidifier, chemical warehouse
or place with poisonous gas ,uneven floor, places with leaking water, splashing water, much dust or vibration)

– Classification: Class I, CF, IPX2
– Electronic Memory:
The device can store system data after power off, the system time can be stored for one year depending on the button battery and the system data
can be stored for three years.
– Dimensions: 167mm X 125mm X 115mm( handgrip and clamp excluded)
– Net Weight 1.8kg
– Warranty: 2 years on main unit and 1 year on accessories

The extensive Operation Manual of the Beaconn Medical HY-800A Infusion Pump can be studied here:
Beaconn Infusion Pump HY-800A User Manual


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