Veterinary Infusion Pump HK-T100VET

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Veterinary Infusion Pump HK-T100VET

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Veterinary Infusion Pump HK-T100VET

The Veterinary Infusion Pump HK-T100VET is an innovation from HawkMed, the original manufacturer…high quality and an excellent price/performance ratio. It offers the same high quality spec as the HK-100VET but with a large 3.5″ touch screen and an optional external heating strip, which makes the warmer product obsolete.
The short feature list of the Veterinary Infusion Pump HK-T100VET can be offered as follows:

Compact design
– The compact and light weight design saves space and is beneficial during patient transfer

Free flow protection
– The built-in flow stop feature helps reduce the risk of accidental free-flow prevent free flow when pump door is open.

Anti-bolus function
– Diminishes the volume of unwanted Bolus injected to the patient after removal of the occlusion cause.

Versatile functions
– 2000 history records
– RS232 interface
– Real time display
– Adjustable buzzer volume (3 levels)
– 3 adjustable occlusion pressure settings
– Four levels of air in line alarm adjustable

User-friendly operation
– Soft key design, easy to operate
– Load directly the last infusion rate and volume limit

Specialities added compared to the HK-100VET:
– Large 3.5 inch touchscreen display
– Flow rate range: 0.1~ 2001 ml/h
– High-advanced ingress protection: IP44
– Long battery autonomy: 12 hours at 25 ml/h
– Optional: External heating

Hawkmed Veterinary Infusion Pump HK-T100VET
Hawkmed Veterinary Infusion Pump HK-T100VET

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 14,5 × 10 × 12 cm
External Heating Strip

No, Yes

Specifications & Manuals

In the Brochure one can find a short summary Specification:
Brochure of Hawkmed veterinary infusion pump HK-T100VET

The detailed user manual of the HK-100VET can be observed here:
Veterinary Infusion Pump HK-100VET User Manual
In addition, the HK-T100VET includes a TouchScreen and the option to add an external heating strip, which makes it very price competitive in case you would consider to use external heating!


1. “Guaranteed Uptime” Contract
This product can be offered with a “guaranteed uptime” contract. With this contract the customer is guaranteed to remain in full operation.
Equip4Vets will keep the same or a similar (same functionality) in our store, available as replacement in the event that the original product refuses proper operation.
Please request the T&C and our attractive pricing schedule.

2. “Lease” Contract
This product can also be “leased” for 3 years. After the 3 years there will be a transfer of ownership from Equip4Vets to the customer.
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