Veterinary Multi Parameter Mini Monitor M3

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Veterinary Multi Parameter Mini Monitor M3

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Veterinary Multi Parameter Mini Monitor M3

The Veterinary Multi Parameter Mini Monitor M3 offers the following features:
– smallest footprint, compact vital signs monitor
– 3.5″ color TFT, resolution 320×480
– indicators: alarm, power low, probe off
– application with big and small animals!
– Trace: 1 plethysmogram waveform
– visual and audio modes
– accurate perfusion index (PI=0.05% – 20%) with revolutionary advanced movement compensation
– up to 100 user ID’s each with store capacity of 200 data sets
– two measurement modes: Spot and monitoring
– data storage capacity – historical data view, trend graph view – in monitoring mode continuous recording of 48hrs of measurement data
– optional charging station

It can be partitioned with several options which can be chosen when purchasing it:
M3S: SpO2 only
M3ST: SpO2 + TEMP0
M3C: SpO2 + Main Stream CO2
M3SC: SpO2 + Side StreamCO2
M3E: SpO2 + NIBP + Main Stream EtCO2
M3SE: SpO2 + NIBP + Side Stream EtCO2


Additional information

Weight 4,32 kg
Dimensions 34 × 28 × 14 cm

M3S (SpO2 only), M3ST (SpO2 + TEMP), M3NT (NIBP + TEMP), M3T (SpO2 + NIBP + TEMP), M3C (SpO2 + Main Stream CO2), M3SC (SpO2 + Side StreamCO2), M3E (SpO2 + NIBP + Main Stream EtCO2), M3SE (SpO2 + NIBP + Side Stream EtCO2)

Specifications & Manuals

Standard configuration:
Main unit, accessories:
– Veterinary 5 lead ECG cable, ECG Electrodes, SpO2 Sensor, Large Size NIBP Cuff (10-19cm), Middle Size NIBP Cuff (9-14.8cm), Small Size NIBP Cuff (4-8cm),Small Size NIBP Cuff (3-6cm), Blood Pressure Cuff
– Extension Hose, Interior Temperature Sensor, Skin Temperature Sensor, Nose tube, Monitor Power supply Cable, Ground Wire, Operation Manual, Packing list.

Optional configuration:
– 2-IBP, EtCO2 (Mainstream or Sidestream)
– Moni 8DV can add: CO, AG (Anesthesia Multigas Module),
– Built-in Printer, Mobile Trolley, Wall Mount, Touch Screen, 12V Power Supply for Ambulance Use, Carrying Bag, Wireless Network.

A short brochure can be found here:
Veterinaire Multi Parameter Monitor 8DV

A YouTube movie of the Moni 8DV can be seen here:




1. “Guaranteed Uptime” Contract
This product can be offered with a “guaranteed uptime” contract. With this contract the customer is guaranteed to remain in full operation.
Equip4Vets will keep the same or a similar (same functionality) in our store, available as replacement in the event that the original product refuses proper operation.
Please request the T&C and our attractive pricing schedule.

2. “Lease” Contract
This product can also be “leased” for 3 years. After the 3 years there will be a transfer of ownership from Equip4Vets to the customer.
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