Veterinary CO2 SPO2 Monitors Capno I/II

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Veterinary CO2 SPO2 Monitors Capno I/II

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The Veterinary CO2 SPO2 Monitors Capno I/II are very user-friendly with an attractive Price/Performance ratio. They will proof to be a very useful piece of equipment in your lab.
Need a monitor for EtCO2, select the Capno I. Are you looking for EtCO2 as well as SpO2, select the Capno II.

The description in a short summary:

– Monitoring SpO2, pulse rate, EtCO2 and respiratory rate;
– Update 255 hour historical data replay on PC through USB;
– Equipped with SpO2 and Respiratory Status Analysis Software, comprehensive data analysis, report printing;
– Suitable for veterinary clinical and emergency circumstance;
– SpO2, SpO2+CO2 selectable.

Software Functions:
– Professional Data Analysis Software for CO2 Monitoring;
– Storaging 255 patients historical data;
– Displaying EtCO2, SpO2 Trends Table;
– Controlling Printer which connected by PC, outputing trend graph, trend table report;
– Recording and storage object’s respiration details in clinical.

Application Fields:
– Monitoring the patient respiratory status during CPR;
– Assists in determining when to intubate or extubate;
– Verification of ET tube placement;
– Alerts if accidental extubation occurs;
– Verification of ventilation during transport;
– Specialized date export function, help analysing sleep condition.

Standard configuration:
Main Unit, EtCO2 Sensor Airway Adapter Kit, Power Adapter, Rechargeable Battery, Operation Manual (CD).

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 11 cm

Capno I (EtCO2), Capno II (EtCO2+SpO2)

Specifications & Manuals

You may expect the following Specifications:


Measure Range:
– SpO2: 0~100%
– Pulse rate: 35~254bpm
– EtCO2: 0~150mmHg
– Respiratory rate: 3~120bpm

Measure Accuracy:
– SpO2: ±2% (70~100%)
– Pulse Rate: ±2 or ±2bpm
– EtCO2: ±5% of reading
– Respiratory Rate: ±1breath

– Dimension: 192x106x44mm
– Weight: 650g

Electrical Safety:
– Adapter Input: AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
– Adapter Output: DC 12V, 2A
– Inner Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Battery, working for 10 hours
– Charge time: 4 hours

Standard Parameters:
– Capno-I: EtCO2
– Capno-II: EtCO2 + SpO2

A Brochure of the Capno I/II can be found here:


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