Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner RKU10

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Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner RKU10

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Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner RKU10

The Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner RKU10 is the next evolution of the well known and widely used KX5200! It is again an innovative product from Kaixin, so you can be certain: Reliable, solid design, user-friendly and with an excellent Price/Performance ratio!
With its low weight, long-time battery, unique design, multiple use method, this scanner is very useful for long applicability without the fear of getting “operating fatigue”.
It offers several probes for the different functions and type of animals: cow, goat, dog, cat, sheep, horse and pig.

– 5.7high resolution color LED
– Net weight:1.1kg. Smart and light.
– High-capacity lithium Battery ,more than 6 hours work.
– Standard configuration 1 pc of sunshine cover, suitable for use in outdoor strong sunshine.
– Available for left/right hand alternative use, eliminating operate fatigue.
– Multiple use method: hand-held, chest hanging, back hanging , waist hanging, etc.
– Optional professional ultrasound goggle, convenient for outdoor use, meet different need.
– Sophisticated craft, have soft rubber coat, splash-proof, dust-proof.

Additional information

Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions 21,2 × 15,4 × 5,0 cm

std 6.5MHz linear rectal, 3.5MHz convex abdomen, 6.5MHz micro-convex, 7.5MHz high freq linear, 3.5MHz loin muscle linear, 4.0MHz convex rectal, 6.5MHz linear rectal + handle

Specifications & Manuals

– Display mode: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M, total 5
– 100 frames storage (permanent), 256 frames cine loop
– Internal eight pseudo colors (incl. B/W)
– OB measurement: EDD and GA for Bovine, Equine, Ovine, Canine, Feline, Goat, Swine, Lama
– OB report
– Grid; 6 kinds (none grid, line grid, point grid, 10mm space ruler, 2mm space ruler, 10mm and 2 mm space ruler)
– USB port supports large capacity USB disk (support document management / software upgrades / one-key storage)
Support color laser printer. Directly print various images and reports.
– Warranty main unit + probes 3 years, batteries and other accessories 1 year

Standard configuration:
– Main unit
– Probe (1 pc)
– Lithium battery (1 pc)
– Sunshine cover (1 unit)
– Black plastic suitcase

– Probes:
– 6.5 MHz multi-frequency linear rectal
– 4.0 MHz multi-frequency convex rectal
– 3.5 MHz Veterinary loin muscle linear
– 3.5 MHz multi-frequency convex
– 7.5 MHz multi-frequency linear
– 6.5 MHz multi-frequency micro-convex

– leather case saddlebag

The Manual of the Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner RKU10 from Kaixin can be studied here:
RKU10 Vet user’s manual V2.00 

The KaiXin RKU10 leaflet can be observed here:
Ultrasound Scanner KaiXin RKU10 Vet leaflet



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