Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner KX5600E 128 elements

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Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner KX5600E 128 elements

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Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner KX5600E 128 elements

The Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner KX5600E with 128 elements of Kaixin, thé expert in the area of ultrasound, is again a masterpiece of innovatie from the design labs of KaiXin! Reliable as all the Kaixin products and with an excellent price/performance ratio.
It is a full digital B mode ultrasonic diagnostic instrument and has been developed for a broad use in the research of pregnancy/fertility, suitable for ultrasound diagnosis of Bovine, Equine, Ovine, Canine, Feline, Goat, Llama, Swine and other big animals.


– 7 inch LCD monitor, 6kg main unit weight
– 128 elements probe for higher resolution images
– Sunshine cover for use in sunny daylight
– One-key storage image
– Internal li-Battery working time about 3 hours.
– Can use Wifi function to connect to Android system mobile/PAD for easy transfer image/data
– Standard App software for mobile and PAD to check image and data easily.
– Optional Goggle and wireless monitor see image in real time
– Interface Language: Chinese, English.
– Single probe connector Socket, Support customization of multiple probes.
– Display mode: Single B mode.
– Scanning mode: Electronic convex array, linear array.
– Frequency: 4.0/ 6.5MHz.
– Measurement: Distance, Area, Circumference, Volume, Obstetrics.
– Grid: 3 kinds(None, Dot grid, Linear array grid)
– Grid space: 2 kinds(10、20).
– Image magnification: 8 levels, Maximum depth: 232mm.
– Gain Range: 0~127dB
– Dynamic Range: 27~90dB
– Intelligent TGC: Far and Near filed adjustment.
– Adjustable intelligent focus.
– Image storage: One-key storage, Permanently store: 420 pieces.
– Cine Loop: 256 frames.
– Radio Channel: 8 wireless channel.
– 8G RFID, which breaks through space limitation, enables real-time transmission of ultrasound images on wireless displays at a high rate, facilitating information sharing and remote consultation.
– WIFI types: 802.11g/20MHz/2.4G.
– Support platform and carrier for the APP software: mobile phones and tablet computers with Android system (support version 10.0 and above).
– App language: Chinese and English.
– APP Obstetric Records: detailed records of diagnostic information, easy to identify whether pregnancy.
– APP Checking List: Records the diagnostic quantity for batch data management.
– Battery working time: about 3 hours.
– Overall dimensions: 282mm(Length)*200mm(Width)*102mm(Depth) (Hood installed)
– Main unit weight: approx 1.6kg (Incl. Battery).

Standard Configuration:

– Main unit(Incl. 4.0Mhz convex rectal probe)..1 set
– Power Adapter..1pc
– Internal Battery ..1pc
– Battery Charger..1pc
– Hood..1pc
– Straps..2pcs
– LEMO connector..1pc
– Probe Holder..1pc
– Battery unlocking coin..2pcs
– APP software APP..1 set
– Plastic sealed case..1pc


– 6.5MHz rectal probe
– Goggles
– Wireless Monitor

Additional information

Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions 28,5 × 14,3 × 3,5 cm

std 4.0 MHz convex rectal, 6.5MHz rectal

Specifications & Manuals

The Brochure (short Leaflet) of the Ultrasound Scanner KX5600E 128 elements can be found here:
KaiXin Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner KX5600E 128 elements_brochure

The Manual of the KX5600E can be checked here:
KaiXin Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner KX5600E 128 elements User Manual


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