Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner DCU12 Full Digital Color Doppler

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Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner DCU12 Full Digital Color Doppler


Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner DCU12 Full Digital Color Doppler

The Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner DCU12 Full Digital Color Doppler is the economy version of the DCU10 but still in the champions league of ultrasound scanners. Top Price/Performance ratio of the reliable manufacturer Kaixin.
Developed for a broad application area such as pregnancy, fertility research and several diagnosis as abdomen, cardio, OB, small parts, vessels…etc, animals: cows, horse, dog, cat, sheep, goat, pig.
It can be applied with different probes for the different types of measurement for different animals.

– Gray scale: 256
– Monitor: 10.4” LED
– One-key-light keyboard function for black room use
– One button operation including one-key storage image, one-key review, one-key print..etc
– Quick look up stored image function, raising efficiency
– Multi-functional knob design, realizing one-key quick adjustment in multi-mode
– Powerful data management

Standard Configuration:
– Main unit 1 pc
– With probes:
# 3.5 MHz multi-frequency abdomen convex probe
# 7.5 MHz multi-frequency linear probe
– Power supply adapter 1 pc
– Internal Li-battery 1 pc

– Probes:
# 6.5 MHz multi-frequency micro-convex probe
# 6.5 MHz multi-frequency linear rectal probe
– Thermal Printer (Sony UP-897MD)
– Trolley
– Foot switch
– Ethernet switch

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 25,6 × 15,0 × 32,6 cm

Specifications & Manuals

Short Technical Specification:
– Grey scales 256
– High Grade display:10.4″ color LED
– Adapter rating: 100-240V~, 1.2-0.6A, 50-60Hz
– Output of Adapter: DC12.8V 3.0A
– Main device rating: DC12V 3.0A
– Main Unit Size: approx. 256 * 150 * 326 (L * M * H, mm)
– Weight of main unit: approx. 5 kg (excluding accessories)
– 10.4″ color LED full screen display, angle adjustable
– Warranty main unit + probes 3 years, others and accessories 1 year

Primary Functions:
– System preset function;
– Exam part preset function;
– Probe switching function;
– Mode conversion function;
– Magnification/depth range selection function;
– Frequency conversion function;
– Frame average adjustment function;
– Edge enhancement function;
– Compress curve adjustment function;
– Image post-process adjustment function;
– Focus position adjustment function;
– Image up/down, left/right reversal;
– Image freeze/unfreeze function;
– Many segments adjustable TGC, adjustment of total gain and dynamic range;
– Image optimization function;
– Adjustable Dopple frequency, PRF, wall filter function;
– Sensitivity, color persistence, color threshold, color balance, color smooth and artif remove
– Adjustable corrected angle, sample volume, linear color steering, velocity scale, baseline function;
– Adjustable harmonics function;
– B mode general measurement function;
– M mode general measurement function;
– CFM mode general measurement function;
– PDI mode general measurement function;
– PW mode measurement function;
– Abdomen application measurement function;
– Obstetric application measurement function;
– Cardiology application measurement function;
– Urology application measurement function;
– Superficial organs application measurement function;
– Adjustable acoustic power;
– Puncture guide function;
– Lithotripsy positioning function;
– Image, video and report storage function;
– Image management function;
– Cine playback function;
– Body marks function;
– Information annotation function;
– User defined function;
– Input patient information function;
– Automatically general report function;
– Recall report by one-key;
– Transmit image to Network Printer by one-key;
– Network print function;
– LED brightness adjustment function;
– Energy-saving function;
– Chinese-English menu switch function.

The Leaflet of the KaiXin DCU12 Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner can be find here:
DCU12 Vet Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner leaflet

A detailed Manual of the Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner DCU12 Full Digital Color Doppler can be found here:
DCU12 VET user’s manual V1.00


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