Veterinary Full Digital Ultrasound Scanner A20

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Veterinary Full Digital Ultrasound Scanner A20


Veterinary Full Digital Ultrasound Scanner A20

The Veterinary Full Digital Ultrasound Scanner A20 is a product from the professional manufacturer RuishengMed. Widely used in China and far-east and respected as professional manufacturer, focus on independent research and development, production and sales of medical ultrasound diagnostic systems and veterinary ultrasound scanners. A disciplined quality checking culture embraced the manufacturing ultrasound product lines. They are rapidly expanding in the US and European veterinary markets!

With its low weight, long-time battery, unique design, multiple use method, this scanner is very useful for long applicability without the fear of getting “operating fatigue”.
It offers several probes for the different functions and type of animals: cow, goat, dog, cat, sheep, horse and pig.

Main Features:
– 5.7-inch ultra-high-definition LCD screen.
– Backfat test function: Fast backfat test and automatic backfat test.
– Video playback function:the last test video could be played and observed, convenient for one person to operate and record videos.
– Animal-specific software measurement suite, could accuratly measure the pregnancy cycle.
– 16-color handheld ultrasonic all-in-one machine, could adjust different colors.
– Five detection modes, suitable for different detection targets of different animals
– Support multiple probes
– Grid ruler, quickly read out the size of the measurement target.
– Fully waterproof probe
– Weight: Gros 3800gr, Product 950gr
– Dimensions: 20.6 x 12 x 3.5 cm


Additional information

Weight 3,8 kg
Dimensions 41 × 37 × 18 cm
Standard Probe?

std 6.5MHz Rectal Linear, std 4MHz Rectal Convex

Add extra Probe?

No extra probe, 6.5MHz Rectal Linear, 4MHz Rectal Convex, 6.5MHz Rectal Linear with handle, 3.5MHz Convex Abdome, 7.5MHz Micro Convex, 7.5MHz Linear

Specifications & Manuals

– see the link to open the parameter features
– Warranty main unit 2 years, accessories 1 year

Standard configuration:
– Main unit
– Probe (1 pc). Make choice for 4MHz Rectal Convex or 6.5MHz Rectal with handle!
– Lithium battery (1 pc)
– solid case (1 unit)

You can order the following extra Probes:
– extra 6.5 MHz Rectal
– extra 4.0 MHz Rectal Convex
– extra 3.5 MHz convex abdome
– extra 7.5 MHz Micro Convex
– extra 7.5 MHz Linear

The Manual of the Veterinary Full digital Ultrasound Scanner A20 from RuishengMed can be studied here:
RuishengMed A(model)User Manual V1.00

The RuishengMed A20 Parameter leaflet can be observed here:
RuishengMed A20 Ultrasound Scanner Parameters

The CE certificate can be observed here:

RuishengMed CE certificate
RuishengMed CE certificate



1. “Guaranteed Uptime” Contract
This product can be offered with a “guaranteed uptime” contract. With this contract the customer is guaranteed to remain in full operation.
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2. “Lease” Contract
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