Veterinary Hematology Analyzer PE-7010VET

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Veterinary Hematology Analyzer PE-7010VET: 5 Diff fully auto veterinary hematology analyzer, 23 parameters & 8 research parameters, 60 samples/h

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The Veterinary Hematology Analyzer PE-7010VET, another topper from the experts of Prokan is a 5 Diff fully auto veterinary hematology analyzer, measures 23 parameters and 8 research parameters, 60 samples /h3 sample!
The PE-7010VET can be ordered with- or without the reagents. When ordering with reagents, the following reagents will be included:
– Diluent (can also be used as cleaner) 18L
– LH Lyse 0.1L
– Diff Lyse 0.3L
– Strong Cleaner, for maintenance only 0.1L

– Fully Auto 5-part Veterinary Hematology Analyzer
– 5-part differential of WBC; 23+8 parameters+ 4 scatter diagrams and 3 histograms(WBC/RBC/PLT)
– Venous Mode/Capillary Mode/Pre-diluted Mode≤20μL
– Working Mode: double passages counting detection
– Throughput: 60 samples/h
– Storage:50,000 samples
– Application: 10 kinds of animal species including dog, cat, horse, pig, cattle, sheep, rabbit, monkey, rat, mouse and 10 user-defined species.
– Screen:10.4” touch screen display built in soft ketboard
– Suport external barcode scanner and USB keyboard&mouse

Prokan Hematology Analyzer PE-7010VET
Prokan Hematology Analyzer PE-7010VET

Additional information

Weight 26,5 kg
Dimensions 36,4 × 49,8 × 43,1 cm

Included, Excluded

Specifications & Manuals

The short Technical Specification:
Working Principles:
– WBC: Semiconductor laser flow cytometry method
– RBC/PLT: Electrical impedance method
– HGB: colorimetric method

– 23 parameters: WBC, Neu#, Lym#, Mon#, Eos#, Bas#, Neu%, Lum%, Mon%,Eos%,Bas%,RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, RWD-CV, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT
– 8 research parameters
– 4 scatter diagrams
– 3 histograms: WBC/RBC/PLT

– 10.4″ color Touch Screen LCD
– Resolution: 800×600

– 60 samples/hr

Test Mode:

– 50.000 sample results with scatterdiagorams and histograms

QC Mode:
– L-J/X-B

Sample Volume:
– Venous Mode/Capillary Mode/Pre-diluted Mode<=20uL

– Diluent, LH Lyse, Diff Lyse, Cleanser (for maintenance)

– Auto calibration, Manual calibration

An extensive catalogue/leaflet of Prokan’s PE-7010VET can be observed here:
Pokan Hematology Analyzer PE-7010VET catalogue leaflet

The Manual of Prokan’s Veterinary Hematology Analyzer PE-7010VET can be studied here:
Prokan Hematology Analyzer PE-7010VET manual V1.0(V1.0.1)

A YouTube video of the PE-7010VET can be seen here:



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