Veterinary Hematology Analyzer PE-3020VET

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Veterinary Hematology Analyzer PE-3020VET

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The Veterinary Hematology Analyzer PE-3020VET is a very interesting analyzer originating directly from the inventors and factory of Prokan, thé expert in the domain of Hematology Analyzers. it is a hematology analyzer (closed system) with a 3 DIFF WBC. it is using fully digital technology to determine the 21 parameters applicable.
One can order the PE-3020VET with- or with our reagents (1 bottle Diluent 20L/bottle, 1 bottle Lyse 0.5L/bottle).

– 3-part differential of WBC (21 parameters +3 histograms(WBC/RBC/PLT)
– Venous Mode; Capillary Mode; Pre-diluted Mode ≤20μL
– Working Mode: double passages counting detection
– Throughput: 60 samples/h
– Storage: 50,000 samples
– Support Species: Dog, cat, horse, rabbit, pig, cow, sheep, monkey, rat, mouse and 10 customized animals.
– Screen:10.4” touch screen display built in soft keyboard
– Suport external barcode scanner and USB keyboard&mouse
– Dimensions: 364mm x 498mm x 431mm
– Net Weight: 23.5Kg


Prokan Hematology Analyzer PE-3020VET
Prokan Hematology Analyzer PE-3020VET
Prokan Hematology Analyzer PE-3020VET Overview
Prokan Hematology Analyzer PE-3020VET Overview

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Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 32,5 × 38 × 43 cm


Specifications & Manuals

The brochure of the PE-3020VET can be explored here:

PE-3020VET Catalog

A evaluation and comparison report can be found here:
Prokan PE-3020VET_Evaluation and Comparison Report


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