Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer Chemo 120V

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Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer Chemo 120V fully automated

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DThe Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer Chemo 120V is a fully automated biochemical analyzer. A pretty complete product with a lot of features to offer.

The feature list is extensive but for a shirt version theron the following;

– Fully automatic biochemical analyzer with specialized veterinary software
– 8 pre-determined animals settings and unlimited number of user-defined animal settings
– Throughput up to 100 tests per hour
– Labor saving, simple programming and real walk-away operation
– Reagent open system, closed system on request
– Micro-volume for sample and reagent
– Sample position and reagent position switchable
– Multi-language software supported

Standard configuration:
– Main System, Power cable, Thermal sensitive print paper, Fuse, Lamp, 40ml reagent bottle, 20ml reagent bottle, 20ml reagent bottle cap (Blue), 40ml reagent bottle cap (White), Test cuvette, Trace sample cuvette, User’s manual, Concise operating guide, Earth wire, Touch Pen bracket, Sample shelf, Deionized H2O bucket (with cover), Waste bucket (with cover)

The Brochure offer the overview:
Veterinaire full auto Chemistry Analyzer Chemo 120V

Additional information

Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 60 × 73 × 80 cm

Specificaties & Manuals

De Veterinaire, vol automatische, Chemistry Analyzer Chemo 120V heeft de volgende specificaties:

– Animals types: Dog, Cat, Cow, Fish, Horse, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, etc.
– Contents of testing: Clinic chemistry, Immunoturbidimetric Analytical modes: End-point, Two Point, Kinetic
– Programming: Open system with user defined programs Automatic, Random Access
– STAT sample priority
– 9 postions for sample
– Sample Volume: 3~45uL, 0.1uL adjustable
– 26 postions for reagents
– Refrigerated temperature: 4-15°C
– Reagent volume: R1: 180-450uL, 0.1uL adjustable
– R2: 3-250uL, 0.1uL adjustable Reaction Postion: 90 cuvettes, 10 cuvettes/strip:
– Cuvette: optical length 5mm
– Reaction volume: 180-500uL
– Reaction temperature: 37°C
– Lamp: Halogen lamp
– Absorbance range: 0-3.500Abs
– Wavelengths: 8 wavelengths from 340-700nm
– Resolution: 0.0001Abs
– Power supply: AC 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
– Water consumption: <3L/hour Dimension
– L*W*H(mm): 630*480*510
– Net weight: 70kg

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Veterinaire full auto Chemistry Analyzer Chemo 120V


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