On this page we offer our customers frequent asked questions with the related answers.


Best is if you could leave us a whatsapp or forward us an email with the question and reference to the order. We will report back as soon as possible.

Unfortunately we have had a couple of very bad experiences with that which resulted that we had to take measures to prevent these experiences from happening again. Our Financial Department is very strict in the approval of the start of the delivery proces…that starts only at the moment we have noticed the payment on our bank account. Exception could be  if there is a B2B contract with that customer. 

In most of the cases we guarantee a delivery time of 1 week after the order was received, correctness checked and payment was done on our bankaccount.  In the unfortunate event that we have no stock left, and we need to order it form the factory, we guarantee 3 weeks. 

We of course will keep you properly informed on progress of your shipment!

Equip4Vets offers customers the opportunity to sign-up for an “Up-Time” guarantee (by means of an “Up-Time” contract). Via this route the participant is guaranteed that there will be no hick-up in the operation in the event the, in the contract mentioned product, refuses functioning, breaks down or experience a defect. 
At the sign-up to this “Up-Time” guarantee, Equip4Vets will secure the availability of the same or a similar equipment with the same functionality. 

Generally if a piece of equipement breaks down and cannot be prepared at the spot, it will be returned to the factory for repairmen which will require 2-3 weeks resulting in an unavailability of the function for the same time. With the “Up-Time” guarantee Equip4Vets will immediately ship replacement to minimize interruptions in the operation. 

There are two options available: 3 years or 5 years. We only accept participants at the purchase date of the product. 

Equip4Vets offers the opportunity to lease a product. The lease will have as a minimum 3 years and offers a lot of creative opportunities. During the lease the product will remain property of Equip4Vets in order to switch ownership at the end of the lease and the participant in the lease will become the new owner.

Interested? Let’s discuss your requirements.

Equip4Vets appreciates customers who care and are interested in functionality currently not provided by the portfolio of Equip4Vets! Interested in a certain functionality or product which is not offered by Equip4Vtes? Please indicate and submit your New Product Request …we are open to serve you in your wishes! Please mail us at: info@equip4vets.com . We will come back with a concrete proposal as soon as possible.

The Equip4Vets team has not only the ambition to delight our customers with a smooth and excellent service, we also want to offer our customers the lowest price! We are confident that are offering the lowest price but in the event that is not correct, we ask you to challenge us in our price setting! Did you find the same product elsewhere in a compatibel setting, for a lower price, please challenge us and offer us the opportunity to delight you with an even lower price. That will be in the order of 5% below the lowest price!